Thursday, August 16, 2012


All is well!  

Jackson had a good first day of school.  He came home excited that he didn't get on red and got to keep his privileges.  Probing further, he was on green all day but one of his new friends (whose name he doesn't remember) was on yellow.  Through the bits and pieces he revealed through the evening, it sounds like yesterday was all about defining the rules.  The turtle rule= no running.  The bear rule= hands and feet to yourself.  The rabbit rule= raise your hand when you want to talk.  So far, so good.  Only 9.5 more months of school to go. 

Matthew is back to his usual self as well.  Monday was rough.  Tuesday was better, though he fought a little stridor throughout the day.  Yesterday he was 100%.  Yippee!  

Yesterday, we went to see a special education advocate, who gave us some ideas and the correct verbiage for Matthew's upcoming transition meetings.  Very worthwhile.

Alyssa has another week and a half before she goes back to school and she was pretty excited that Jackson was going back first.  They have had a lot of togetherness this summer and the separation is a good thing-- for them and us! 

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