Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Down the Bunny Hole

My to-do list has always been a huge, hodge podge of things I HAVE to get done and things I'd like to get done.  I am a list person and it doesn't stress me out to have a lengthy list.  I am known to transfer tasks from page to page until they finally fall off.  (Speaking of- sorry to everyone who hasn't gotten a thank-you note for a wonderful gift or thoughtful gesture.  I did appreciate it but the thank you note writing was likely on my to-do list until it wasn't socially appropriate to send one anymore!)

As of late, I have fallen down the bunny hole.  There are way too many things on my (primarily Matthew) to-do list, with far too few hours in the day and with me lacking the energy to do them all. 

For Matthew--> Read the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) manual.  Make appointment with a special education advocate to prepare for our upcoming transition meeting from ECI to the school district.  Print out the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Curriculum for pre-kindergarten.  Call for appointment with developmental pediatrician. Update the printed list of Matthew's ailments, hospitalizations, uniquenesses, and doctors for his upcoming appointments.  Call the vascular malformation clinic to find out the details of Matthew's scheduled venogram dye study, currently scheduled for next Monday (but may be postponed because of his current croup causing virus).  Research dyes to be avoided since dyes can be difficult on the kidneys and Matthew only has one.  Call to schedule appointment for delivery of Matthew's compression stockings, around the dye study appointment.  Watch an ASL fingerspelling video and practice ASL homework to prepare for tonight's ASL lesson.  Practice early language activities with Matthew.

I feel like the list of to-dos for Matthew never gets shorter.  Reading the IDEA manual is one task that will inevitably lead to more new tasks (like printing the TEKS curriculum, creating a Matthew portfolio, etc).  The list is growing exponentially.

And this "Matthew to-do" list is in addition to actually caring for Matthew, and Alyssa and Jackson, and preparing for my classes this upcoming semester, and training for my upcoming triathlon, and the typical household tasks.  I have fallen down the bunny hole. 

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