Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Time for Procrastination

One positive to having a packed schedule and solo-parenting during the week, I no longer put something off until it becomes an emergency. 

Last week, I took the car in to the shop.  I would typically wait until it can't wait any longer, but (1) I had a friend in town who helped get me to and from the shop and rental car place and (2) the thought of being stranded on the side of the road with 3 kids, or worse, by myself unable to get the 3 children, made me be a bit more proactive than I normally would.  Thankfully I didn't wait, as the wheel was about to fall off the car.  If it had, it would have resulted in what the mechanic called a 'likely catastrophic' accident.  Whew!

On Sunday night, Matthew had a rough night and sounded a bit croupy.  Though I would normally wait and see, I booked a pediatrician appointment for Monday morning, as the idea of a late night ER visit sounded very bad.  No need to treat for croup, but Matthew did have a raging ear infection.  No wonder he was so cranky.

This morning, I went to the ER for some abdominal pain I have been having for over a week. Though I would normally wait and see, I really can't wait to see if it becomes a persistent health issue. Thankfully, I don't have one.  The pain likely comes either from a ruptured cyst or a slight hernia.  The ultrasound put my mind at ease that it wasn't something more concerning.  Another whew!

Hmmm--maybe not procrastinating is the way to go.  A novel idea for me!

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