Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Post Surgery Day 3 Evening

We really should know by now that Matthew's road is rarely as straight as we would like it to be.

This afternoon was particularly concerning. Matthew was very lethargic. His labs were concerning with low potassium. His heart rate was abnormally low. His EKG showed irregularities. His blood pressure is high. All of this might be related to the potassium imbalance. Now the question is-- why does he have such an imbalance given he is getting potassium through the nutritive IV?

His surgical team has reached out to renal (who are experts in potassium, always a bit scary for us to hear, as we always worry about his 1 kidney) and cardiology (which we thought was in the clear since his heart fix). He has labs ordered, follow up EKG results, and a chest X-ray on the way.

Darren and I are praying that Mattie's intestines wake soon. We hope and pray this cascading intervention can be stopped once we 'cure' the first ailment, which was his inability to eat because of his intestines. We have reason to believe he is on the mend in that regard- as stomach contents show signs of improvement, as well as increased bowel sounds overheard thru stethoscope.

Thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers for full healing for sweet Matthew!


  1. I've been reading along and thinking of all of you. You are an amazing family, and I'll continue to send all good thoughts your way for a speedy and more comfortable (comforting) recovery. Mattie is an amazing kid.

  2. That was Elizabeth Stockton, btw.