Saturday, April 20, 2013

Post Surgery Day 7

Matthew has been miserable for 10+ days now, with surgery a week ago this morning. Our typically active, joyful Matthew has been a shell of himself.

If awake and in bed, he is usually whining or crying if not being actively comforted. He will motion to tell you how to comfort him-- pointing to his head if he wants you to stroke his forehead, pointing to his chest or knee if he wants you to rub it, or grabs your hand if he wants to hold hands. He is still so sweet.

He is most content (and that is very relative) when sitting in the stroller making laps around the floor. Even then, passerbys comment how sad he looks. Hard to believe it is our typically social, smiling Matthew.

Things that usually make Matthew smile right now make him cry. Forget playing peekaboo or taking his picture or even smiling at him. Also making him cry is anyone in scrubs or a white coat who enters his room or approaches him in the hall. Poor sweet Matthew.

Matthew has shown encouraging signs in the last 24 hours, but my enthusiasm is tempered by the setback he had on Thursday. I think this weekend will be telling. I pray he is on the straight, upward trajectory now.

Thank you for the prayers, well wishes, texts, emails and calls of support, the visits and offers to help. We are so fortunate to have so many amazing people in our lives. Thank you!

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