Friday, April 19, 2013

Post Surgery Day 6

I was increasingly getting concerned yesterday. Matthew's X-ray came back showing continual blockage. His labs came back with normal potassium but low phosphorus. His stomach output was twice what it was the day before and a much darker (concerning) color. Pretty much negative progress. Not good at all.

The resident indicated last night that Matthew might have to go back to the OR. The fellow then indicated that we may wait up to 2 weeks from original surgery date then go back in. I flipped out at this, as I can't imagine Mattie having negative improvement (as well as cascading interventions and chemical imbalances that could impact his heart and kidney) for another week and a day, then start this process all over again. We need a better plan.

So, I have a laundry list of questions for the attending today. As well, I think my freak out concerned the nurses, so they have called the patient advocate to make sure our concerns get addressed and we are comfortable with the treatment plan.

Last night was actually a restful night. Matthew and I got a good amount of sleep. Even more encouraging is that Matthew seems to be making positive progress again, though I am leery of getting too optimistic about it because of the backslide yesterday. His stomach output looks better again today, and the nurse is hearing gurgling in his lower belly with a stethoscope. His labs have improved, though still not in normal range.

I pray and pray all of our worry and contingency planning are for naught and Matthew's intestines awaken soon. Thank you for praying too.

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  1. You are not alone in your prayers. Keep praying.