Saturday, April 13, 2013

Surgery Report

Matthew's surgery went well. The surgeon removed a lot of scar tissue (adhesions), one of which was creating the bowel blockage. It was a bit more complicated than he originally expected.

There was one area of small intestine that concerned him, but he left it in and will monitor him closely. In 48-72 hours we should see improvement. If not, the surgeon may have to open Matthew up again to resection that part of the intestines.

Matthew is on pain meds, an IV, a NG tube, and a bit of oxygen. Hopefully we can manage his pain and his tummy will start healing so we can make our way home. The doctor expects that Mattie might be here at TCH for a week.

We have been better able to help Mattie because of the support and encouragement we've received. Words are not enough, but thank you!

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