Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Post Surgery Day 3 Morning

Yesterday evening was great. Matthew walked a little bit, needing only a little assistance. Then he took a ride around the floor in a wagon. And we capped off the evening by blowing some bubbles. All of these activities aid in his healing. Walking and sitting upright help to get his intestines moving. Blowing bubbles helps expand his lungs and keep out the gunk that cause infections. Sadly, he still isn't showing any joy or happiness, but when I asked him if he wanted to take another lap in the wagon or blow more bubbles, he said yes. He doesn't appear to dislike it, and that is a win right now.

After our busy evening, he knocked out and I wasn't far behind. Unfortunately, the nurse assistant decided to wake him to change his diaper about an hour later and he was awake every 20-30 mins throughout the rest of the night. Needless to say, I was none to pleased with that diaper change. He just couldn't get comfortable. I take that as a good sign that he is healing and ready to sleep on his side or stomach, which he hadn't quite managed at that point yet.

Since we've been here, Matthew's heart rate has gotten lower and lower. I've had them lower the alarm threshold a bit more every night. I was going to bring it up this morning, but the surgical team had already noticed. Matthew had an EKG done this morning and we are awaiting a consultation from cardiology. Sinus bradycardia is the technical term and this isn't the first time he's had it, but is the first since his heart was fixed. Hopefully it is just the after effects of anesthesia (which he had Saturday and yesterday).

Also, Matthew's labs came back concerning this morning, so they pulled them again. The 2nd sample was also concerning, but they though it might be a false reading because it was pulled from his central line which is typically putting in the IV nutrition. So, they are running a 3rd set, this time from a finger prick. Hopefully it was just a false reading.

The gunk we are pulling out of Matthew's belly gives me hope that he is on the mend. The color, consistency, and volume is improving. I pray his intestines wake up very soon and he can drink and eat. He misses that very much. Every hour or so when he is awake, he points at the water faucet in the room and whines.

Because of his desire for food or drink, we cannot eat or drink in front of him. (That would just be mean!) This is an additional challenge this hospital visit compared to our other visits when he didn't care, as someone needs to be in the room with him all the time. So far, we've managed by drinking water in the bathroom out of his view and sneaking food when he is asleep.

He's currently napping on his side (first time he's managed that!) and we plan on another walk and wagon ride after he wakes. Hopefully today is full of healing and good news!

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