Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Post Surgery Day 10

The improvement Matthew has made since Saturday has been remarkable. He went from a shell of himself to the very active, social, smiling little boy he is usually. Just amazing.

This morning he started eating table food, and he has done great! Today, we must have done 50 or so laps around the floor in all of the different possible 'vehicles'- riding and pushing. Matthew even began riding a tricycle for the first time. All of the nurses have been amazed that this is the same little boy for which they first cared. One remarked that they have never seen a child do so many laps around the floor. Matthew is back to his usual self!

I was pretty sure we'd be home tonight, but midday they found the redness that followed his picc line. 4 hours later, he went for an ultrasound to see if there was a visible issue or reason why they shouldn't remove it. After holding a screaming mad Matthew down for the 33 minute scan, we still await the results. Very frustrating. We pray though that it is nothing, that they can remove the line tonight and we can go home tomorrow!

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