Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Bits

Child-Proof Caps:  A few weeks ago, I found Matthew on a step stool in the bathroom with an opened bottle of advil (actually generic advil).  Thankfully, he was trying to put the pills back in the bottle instead of putting them in his mouth.  (That would have been VERY bad!) I assumed I didn't tighten the cap, but about a week ago, I found him opening that same bottle.  Now I know it has to be well out of reach-- out of step stool reach.  I assumed it was a faulty cap.  I was wrong.  I bought a bottle of probiotic (with a child-proof lid) today and Matthew had it opened in no time at all.  I think he opens them easier BECAUSE he doesn't have thumbs, not in spite of it.  Watching him do it, without thumbs, he has to push down to get leverage to get the top off--the perfect technique to open child-proof caps.  Full of surprises!

Little Mommies:  As I think of Matthew navigating the educational system, I pray that he finds a little girl or group of girls that care and love on him like Alyssa always has.  Thankfully, he has found that at preschool.  A little girl in the 4 year old class loves him.  She is his 'little mommy' at school.  At naptime, she lays next to him and pats his back until she has to go home.  Just too sweet.  I pray that he always finds that care and acceptance. 

Matthew and his school little mommy.
Mad Flat Stanley:  Jackson brought home his rendition of Flat Stanley home today.  When I asked why he was so angry, Jackson responded "He's a zombie!"  Well, of course!

Jackson's Zombie Flat Stanley

Show and Tell:  Alyssa turned in her good behavior tickets at school for an opportunity to bring something for 'show and tell' today.  She was excited to show her Color Run tshirt, her before and after pictures, and share her experience with her classmates.  I'm excited that she is that excited.  Now we have to find the next race!

New Hoy House:  We put an offer in on a house in Austin this weekend, and are currently 'under contract'!  It didn't meet all of our criteria, but was pretty close to perfect.  I can totally imagine us living there, walking to the end of the street to the park and pool, and biking to school!  Now, the craziness of inspections, appraisals, financing, closing and moving.  As well as getting our house in Cypress ready to put on the market by the end of the month.  I'm excited and a bit nervous at the same time! 

Likely the new Hoy House!

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