Monday, April 22, 2013

Post Surgery Day 9

Last night was miserable. Matthew couldn't get comfortable and was crying out every few minutes. This concerned the nurse enough to call the doctor, who wondered if he needed to go back on NG suction. After putting it back on suction and not netting additional output, he was taken off suction again. Wondering what it could be, the doctor ordered a X-ray, which showed no blockage or anything else concerning! Very good news, except Matthew was still miserable. After ruling everything else out, we have surmised that he might be getting hungry. That is beautiful because it would mean his stomach was empty for the first time in 2 weeks.

This morning, they ordered the removal of his NG tube and a trial of very small amounts of liquids. So far, so good. They gave him a tray of liquids for dinner and because of miscommunication between doctors, Matthew enjoyed some jello, a bit of broth, and some apple juice before being told he should still only have small amounts. Looks like he can start a liquid diet (with dr approval) soon. Very encouraging!

His labs were off again this morning, reminding us that the sooner he can get off IV nutrition the better. Hopefully soon!

Matthew was much more Matthew like today, spending a good part of the day being happy, but was put out for awhile when they woke him from a nap. Even when Mattie is put out, it is better than the last 2 weeks, as he now has some fight in him!

I am so encouraged by his improvement since Friday! Thanks be to God!!

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