Monday, December 13, 2010

1 Week Post Surgery

Matthew is doing remarkably well considering a week ago they were cutting out part of his skull!  The swelling on his scalp is gradually going down each day and he's quite active. 

The lasting negatives from the procedure are (1) his eating is even worse than before and (2) he isn't sleeping.  We had thought that the 2nd was due to the caffeine in the codine, but Matthew was weaned off of it yesterday and his sleep was still awful last night.  Maybe 1 and 2 are related.  Or it may be that he's just not comfortable laying down.  Whatever it is...something has to give-- soon. No sleep is starting to weigh on all of us. 

To add to the craziness in the house, Alyssa and Jackson have a serious case of holiday fever.  At least we hope that is it, because they are acting like they have lost their minds.  Maybe it is caused by the increased sugar from the holiday treats, or the anticipation of opening the gifts under the tree, who knows!  It is such the parental paradox that kids need you to be the most patient and consistent when you feel like being it the least. 

Today we are going to try a regimented feeding and pain management schedule for Matthew.  Hopefully that will help! 

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