Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Matthew's Follow Up

Matthew's follow up with Dr. T was uneventful.  Matthew is healing well, and his swelling is greatly diminished. We've noticed the swelling going down day by day though it will probably be noticeable for another week.  Matthew's head will be scanned next week for his helmet, which will probably be fitted the first week of January.  He'll likely wear the helmet 23 hours a day for 2 months.

Matthew 8 days post surgery
Dr. T indicated that kids are usually out of sorts (clingy, not sleeping, poor eating, very fussy, etc) for often a month after surgery.  I was actually comforted by this... what we are experiencing isn't out of the ordinary and it is expected to pass in a few weeks.  We just have to power through a few more weeks.  It is like having a newborn (with separation anxiety) feel unbelievably blessed and so very tired, and just like that, that time has passed. 

I wish every doctor was like Dr T.  He's the smartest guy in the room, nice, perceptive, understanding, respectful, and unbelievably skilled.  I received 3 recommendations for him, only him, when we found about the craniosynostosis.  One from our pediatrician, one from a random mom who overheard me telling the occupational therapist about it, and finally the anesthesiology nurse from Matthew's heart cath at Texas Childrens.  Dr T is the THE guy...and I understand why!   I am so thankful for good doctors!!

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