Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No More Sugar

As I've mentioned before, Alyssa and Jackson have a serious case of holiday fever which is creating more chaos in our otherwise plenty chaotic house.  The holidays have brought an influx of sugary treats into their lives and although science has supposedly proven that sugar doesn't cause hyperactivity, I think it causes my kids to lose their minds.  So, they went cold turkey off sugar on Sunday.  We don't want to deprive our kids of occasional treats. We are just making sure it is occasional instead of every day right now. It is better for all of us!

The kids were better on Sunday and Monday was even better than that. My 2 happy moments from Monday evening: 1. Alyssa saying "He's my favorite snowman" as we watched Frosty. (I was remiss in asking if there were other snowmen.) and 2. Jackson saying "Matthew, I wuv you" and Matthew grinning from ear to ear at him. It was a good evening at the Hoy House.

Matthew started showing a little improvement after his first dose of meds and last night was better than the night before.  We still have a long way to go to get to pre-surgery sleep, but it was better.  I am not expecting an overnight fix, I'm just hopeful for a positive trajectory! 

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