Monday, December 20, 2010

Miserable Night and Day

As I posted Matthew's buzz cut pictures last night, I noticed he didn't look well.  His right eye looked swollen and his coloring looked a little off. I brushed it off thinking it was just me imagining things.  I wasn't.  Last night was miserable for all of us.  So, off to the pediatricians today.  Matthew has an eye infection in his right eye, and ear infection in his left ear and is working on 4 new teeth. That and he's 14 days post-op from skull surgery. Enough to make anyone miserable, including our little tough guy.  And he looks and acts like he is quite miserable.  Hopefully the meds will knock out the infection and thankfully we have an ENT appointment next week. 

Our primary physician is on holiday, so we had to see someone new in a different office. It is the office we went to when Matthew was hours old. Just driving up I got tears in my eyes thinking about that first day,and the shock of our lives.  I can still remember vividly the doctor showing us Matthew's hands.  I remember saying I needed to sit down.  I'll never forget that drive home, seeing Darren trying to drive without using his thumbs.  Just seeing the building sends all of those memories back to the surface and brings tears to my eyes.  Oh how many more suprises we've had since then....and many more worries.  How I wish that all we ever had to contend with was the lack of thumbs.  But looking back, that was still the biggest shock, and the day our lives were forever changed. 

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