Wednesday, December 8, 2010

IMCU 10a

Last night was considerably better than Monday night.  Matthew slept for a 5 hour stretch, then a 2 hour stretch, then cat naps of 30 mins to an hour.  I hope it was healing for him.  I know I feel a lot better with the sleep!

Today is the peak swelling day, and Matthew is swollen beyond belief.  Even the picture cannot do it justice, though you'll see his eyes swollen shut. 

Matthew post surgery 48 hours

He was sleeping in my arms this morning and shook his head back and forth...and he sloshed.  Very disconcerting!  The nurse called Dr T, who came right up to tell me that Matthew's look and the sloshing are completely normal.  Whew!  Dr T noted that he'll warn parents about the sloshing going forward. 

I just keep reminding myself it is darkest before the dawn and he'll act and look like our sweet baby Matthew as soon as he can.  I'm hopeful he'll sleep the majority of today, as I can't even imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to open my eyes and have no idea why. 

There is a spot on the dry erase board for 'today's goal'.  We have written no pain and optimal healing.  Thank you for the continued prayers and well-wishes for our sweet baby Matthew and his medical team.

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  1. Been following the journey. It's so encouraging that you're sharing. He still looks like the sweet, little, cute, Matthew to me. Will be praying for a speedy and safe recovery. God Bless!!