Monday, December 6, 2010


Matthew is snug in his bed in the PICU tonight.  Overall, he's doing amazing given they cut out part of his skull this morning.  Matthew's vitals are good but he's swollen to the point that his skin is taut and he has a slight fever (not unexpected).  We are watching the left side of his body, as it is more taut and flush than the right side.  He cries out every 20-30 minutes but is calmed by either pedialyte (goodness, not sure he can handle much more liquid) or by touch and song.  Words cannot accurately describe exactly what we here's the visual. 

Matthew 8 hours post surgery
All I want to do is crawl up in his bed with him and hug him close.  I'm thankful that they have a couch/bed in the room, so I can be near and hopefully catch a nap or two throughout tonight.  I'm praying for a calm night, full of healing sleep for my sweet baby Matthew.  If all goes well tonight, he'll be moved to a regular room tomorrow. 

The hospital does have a Ronald McDonald House onsite, and we did get a room tonight, but I just couldn't take it.  I need to be with Mattie.  I'll grab a room midday tomorrow for a quick shower. As with our stay in the NICU, I just can't say enough wonderful things about the RMH.  The volunteers are amazing and the rooms are clean and comforting.  They provide a bed when you are tired, a shower when you are dirty, and often a meal when you are hungry-- all in a time and place that you need it most.  What a great thing!

Well, hopefully I'll have good news to share tomorrow morning.  Until then, thank you again and again for the prayers and positive thoughts for our sweet baby Matthew! 

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