Monday, December 6, 2010

Post-Op 4pm

We received a call a few minutes after my previous post letting us know Matthew was still in the OR being closed up.  I was hoping I hadn't posted before the other shoe dropped and thankfully it has not. 

We received a call from post-op with good news.  They were able to extubate Matthew and he was breathing easily on his own.  We saw him for about 30 minutes in post-op before they moved him to the pediatric ICU.  Now we are in the waiting room awaiting him to be settled.

A few notes from our quick visit with Mattie:
-He's got a HUGE bandage on his head.
-He seems to be in a bit of pain...crying or whimpering unless he is eating or sleeping. 
-He took 4 oz of pedialyte in no time flat.
-He is flushed throughout his face, neck and arms.
-The swelling in his face became more and more pronounced within the 30 minutes.
-He's hooked up to more tubes and monitors than the space shuttle. 

I hope that we can get Matthew's pain under control and he can have some restful sleep this evening.  A part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I am still cautiously optimistic.  Again, thank you for the prayers and well wishes as Matthew recovers. 

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