Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recovery Day 5

I'm awed by how quickly Matthew is healing!  His head is still swollen from his eyes to the top of his head and his stitches are now bright red but other than that, you wouldn't be able to guess he had skull surgery just 5 days ago.  He's looking and acting more and more like himself moment by moment.  I'm just giddy! 
Matthew day 5 post-surgery
Matthew's post-op visit with Dr T is scheduled for Tuesday and the post-op scan of his head to fit his helmet is on Dec 22.  We guess that the swelling isn't projected to completely subside until around the 22nd but we'll get more info from Dr T on Tuesday.

As I'm writing this post, Matthew is laying on the bed, kicking his legs and making a joyous noise.  I can't describe the joy I have in my heart to watch him and the thankfulness I feel to see my sweet baby Matthew being my sweet baby Matthew.  I just cannot believe how fortunate we are--to have our family, our friends, each other, Alyssa, Jackson, and Matthew.  We are so very blessed.  Thanks be to God! 

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