Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Happy swelling solstice!  I think the swelling has peaked!  Matthew's head still looks like a cartoon character and it still sloshes when he shakes it back and forth, but Matthew's legs are starting to look more like legs and less like sausages.  His eyes are still swollen shut, but the shiny black is turning dull and supposedly that means the swelling is going down. 

I've been encouraged today.  Matthew's been weaned off of morphine and onto a tylenol w/codine and his pain still seems to be well managed.  I'm seeing activity from this baby that I'm used to seeing in my sweet baby Matthew-- he's playing with my hair, clasping his fingers together, and trying to grab at his feet (he can't connect hand to foot because of the leg swelling).  Very encouraging!  But mostly he's been asleep and hopefully healing. 

Dr T hasn't projected when we'll go home, but my guess is earliest on Friday.  I'll have to ask tomorrow.  I look forward to having us all home! 

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