Monday, December 6, 2010

Cranialfacial Surgery 7am

After a very short night, Matthew and I journeyed in the darkness to Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital this early morning for his craniosynostosis surgery to correct his prematurely fused metopic suture (on his forehead).

After meeting with Matthew's surgical team (I'm a huge fan of his cranialfacial surgeon-- Dr T rocks!) & giving them a few reminders (i.e. Matthew has donated blood in the blood bank, he doesn't tolerate morphine well, and they nicked his urethra inserting his catheter last time), they took sweet baby Matthew back to the operating room.  Mattie shot me his signature ear to ear grin as the OR nurse took him away. 

The surgery should be 4-4.5 hours and we will receive periodic updates throughout.  As we know more we will update the blog.  Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts for our sweet baby Matthew and his surgical team! 

Matthew arriving for surgery

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