Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We've moved out of ICU and down to the immediate care unit where Matthew is resting comfortably.  I think lack of sleep, combined with less attentive nurses, is making me a bit anxious and emotional. 

Matthew's blood pressure was still high when we left the ICU and his heart rate has been periodically irregular and low since we've been here in the IMCU. History has taught me to be leery of anything atypical, but it doesn't seem to concern the nurses or resident.  Matthew is still swollen but actually looks a bit better since they removed his bandages.  He's going to have one wicked scar!  It goes from behind one ear to the other in a zig-zag pattern over his head.  The resident indicated tomorrow will be the peak swelling day.  I was hopeful that it was today because Matthew can still crack one eye open to see.  If there is more swelling, I doubt he'll be able to do that. 

Matthew 24 hours post-surgery
I'm hopeful we'll continue on this positive trajectory. I'm thinking if everyday is as good as this one, maybe we'll be home before the end of the week. That would be the unexpected for this hospital visit! We'd love it! 

Disclaimer:  Although I'm sharing pictures of Matthew's recovery, which are not all together beautiful but say more than words, please remember this is our sweet baby Matthew...and he'll look like this again very soon. 

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