Thursday, December 30, 2010

ENT Update

Not a surprise, Matthew needs tubes for his ears. He continually has fluid in his ears and has been averaging an ear infection every 3-4 weeks. 

The one (somewhat) surprise is that our ENT would like to coordinate that surgery with Matthew's upcoming urological surgery.  The one fly in the ointment being that our current urologist doesn't share any surgery days with our ENT.  Since we've seen more than 1 urologist, and although we like our current one, we're going to consult with the urologist that does share surgery days in hopes we can get both simple surgeries done with one dose of anesthesia.

Now the fun task of trying to get in to the other urologist and surgeries scheduled.  The sooner the better.  We understand that there is risk with any procedure, but we're glad to have the big surgeries behind us and to only foresee smaller, simpler surgeries in Matthew's future.

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