Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Angels Day

Today would have been our cousin and friend Jenn's birthday.  We lost her last year after her 14 month courageous battle against ovarian cancer.  Jenn is greatly missed by all of her family. 

Some stars are so bright, they continue to shed light on the world long after they are gone.  As such, Jenn is often the topic of conversation here at the Hoy House.  A month ago, when Alyssa was asked who her favorite person in the world was....she simply answered "Aunt Jenn".  Understandably so, Jenn was fun-loving with a caring heart, optimistic spirit, and loving hands (perfect for walking hand in hand with the niece that adores her).

Jenn & Alyssa August 2006
20,000 women in the US are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year.  Ovarian cancer is hard to detect and because the symptoms are vague (or whisper) few (less than 20%) are diagnosed in the early stages when the chance of survival is the greatest. 

Symptoms include:  Bloating, Pelvic or abdominal pain, Trouble eating or feeling full quickly, Feeling the need to urinate urgently or often, Fatigue, Upset stomach or heartburn, Back pain, Pain during sex, and Constipation or menstrual changes.  If you have any of these symptoms for 2 weeks, do not ignore them!  Please contact your doctor or ob/gyn and ask for an examination and a vaginal ultrasound.  
Jenn & Alyssa June 2009
Jenn loved parties, and in honor of Jenn's birthday, tonight we will celebrate all those that have gone to Heaven. Tonight we celebrate Jenn, Tom, Aunt Ann, Granny Matthews, Grandpa Stach, Mamma Gristy, Grandma & Grandpa Hoy, Aunt Bonnie, Dot, Lenore, Conner, et al.  All are loved and missed!   

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