Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post Op Scan

Matthew had his orthopedist appointment today for his post-op scan in preparation to receive his helmet.  His head shape has changed.  Before surgery it was asymmetric, that was fixed and now it is just not proportionally correct (back/front vs side/side).  The helmet will protect his head and help correct the proportions. 

I am completely in awe of the tool they use to map the head.  They put a cap on him with a sensor on the top and use a wand to scan his 3D image onto the computer.  All of the measurements are done from the scan.  So cool.  No castings, just a 5 minute scan with a wand.  I completely dorked out is awesome! 

Matthew in his cap (hair interferes w/the scan)

The almost complete scan on the computer screen
The orthopedist scanning Matthew head
We got to pick the helmet color/pattern (I'll leave that for a later surprise), and they're making it over the holidays.  The fitting is scheduled for January 6 (1 month to the date of the surgery). 

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