Monday, December 6, 2010

Cranialfacial Surgery 11am

So far, so good.  Surgery got started a bit later than expected (cutting began at 9:30) because they had a hard time inserting Matthew's IV.  Thankfully no issues with the urine catheter.  The cranialfacial surgeon is there throughout the surgery and the neurosurgeon comes in just for his piece.  At the last update, the neurosurgeon was scrubbing in.  His part takes about an hour and he'll come out to speak with us when he is done.  Then the cranialfacial surgeon will continue on until it is done.  Thank you for the continued prayers for Matthew and his talented surgeons. 

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  1. Small 1p update-- still so far, so good. They are still working on Matthew and will give us a better time to completion estimate at our next hourly update.