Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recovery Day 12

Matthew is continuing to heal.  His swelling is almost completely diminished and he's looking like himself again.  His sleeping and eating aren't 100% but are improved.  His activity level is increased and he even rolled over yesterday.  It was the first time since the surgery!  I guess he knows his head is getting better. 

I've noticed Matthew favoring his right side again (his torticollis).  I'll be more willing to push him with his OT exercises when he gets the helmet.  To add insult to injury, Matthew is teething.  Tooth #5 is out and tooth #6 is on its way.  Poor if he doesn't have enough going on in his head.  Thankfully though his mood has improved in the last 48 hours.  He'll at least let me put him down without screaming, as long as I stay in view. 

I'm still surprised how well his recovery has gone.  It has been a great blessing and the best Christmas gift I could have wished for!

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